General : Education Ministry Urged To Provide PT3 Guideline Book

KUALA LUMPUR, (Bernama) — The Education Ministry is urged to provide a comprehensive book on guidelines with detailed information on the Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) examination to enable parents and students to better understand its implementation.

National Parent-Teacher Association Collaborative Council (PIBGN) president Professor Madya Datuk Mohamad Ali Hasan said the contents, among others, should look at the assessment being carried out.

“Clear explanation on how the teachers mark the paper should be given to parents and students, including samples of answers that are being considered,” he said when contacted by Bernama here today.

Such an explanation, he said, could also avoid any misunderstanding or assumption that the teachers were being bias or practiced favouritism in allocating marks.

The book must also stated the length of evaluation time being made on the students to enable parents to be also prepared for it.

“Many parents still do not understand the difference between PT3 and Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) that needs to be explained as all this while they are already familiar with the examination orientated approach,” he said.

PT3 which was implemented for the first time last year saw 453,4123 candidates sitting for the examination in 2,608 examination centres nationwide.

It replaced the PMR as part of government’s efforts to do away with an education system that is too examination orientated.

Mohamad Ali said the ministry must be strict in ensuring teachers were being given trainings and as much understanding of the subject matter.

Meanwhile Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris deputy vice-chancellor (Students Affairs and Alumni) Prof Madya Datuk Dr. Junaidi Abu Bakar said PT3 could produce students who were articulate in their thinking and not merely memorise answers.

“There are bound to be some weakness at the initial stage and the ministry has surely strive to over it but a change in the parents and students is also needed,” he said.

Junaidi said PT3 helped prepare their children to face the learning atmosphere at institutions of higher learning as students would be taught to think outside the box and use other resources to gain knowledge,” he said.


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