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France eliminate Nigeria, Suarez says sorry

BELO HORIZONTE Brazil (Reuters) – France reached the World Cup quarter-finals on Monday with a 2-0 win over Nigeria that left only one African team still in, while Uruguay striker Luis Suarez broke his silence to apologise for biting. Algeria, the remaining African side and also the sole Arab …

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Top 8 diabetes-friendly recipes for Ramadan

June 29, 2014 FASTING poses significant health risks for people with diabetes. A balanced diet is an important part of diabetes management. With this in mind, we have eight diabetes-friendly recipes to help encourage healthier eating and to help people with type 2 diabetes better control their blood …

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The Net in your pocket

Telcos offer a tip or two on how to select and make the most out of your data plan. Mobile Internet connectivity has become such a crucial part of our lives that for most of us, it’s unthinkable to subscribe to any telco service that doesn’t provide it to us by default. However, in spite of a growin …

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Business : Takaful Ikhlas Announces Hibah Payment

KUALA LUMPUR, June 30 (Bernama) — Takaful Ikhlas Bhd will make a Hibah payment to eligible participants, should there be no claims filed within the coverage term for general takaful products. President and Chief Executive Officer Ab Latiff Abu Bakar said the distribution of Hibah is made based …

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Big dreamer makes stopover

SUBANG: While other teenagers are enjoying summer in the United States, Matt Guthmiller is circumnavigating the globe solo, travelling 46,671km in a single-engine aircraft to prove that nothing is impossible. Guthmiller, who arrived in Subang on Friday night after a gruelling 12-hour flight from Nag …

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