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By Jenny Imanina Lanong Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 4 (Bernama) — Coming up with creative writings that mesmerize readers, that is worth reprinting more than once and the one that could inspire readers is not as easy as one may think.

An author faces many challenges and has to work hard before the manuscript could be published.

The author not only edits his/her own piece, but also takes on the role as a publisher, marketing executive and a reader all at the same time in order to see that the piece earns the readers’ appreciation.

In order to do that, an author must know how to use good references to assist writing. It is not an easy feat but all that hard work is worth the while when readers accept the works.

The emergence of so many young writers in Malaysia reflects the positive development of the creative writing industry. Some of these young novelists have sold more than 500,000 books.


The rise of a talented writer Zunaidah Zakaria a.k.a Hani Fazuha adds vibrancy to the novel writing industry in Malaysia.

Hani Fazuha, who hails from Rantau Panjang, Kelantan began writing since she was in school. Her love for reading and her passion in coll ecting novels and beautifully written prose propelled her to be a writer.

The young writer became seriously involved in writing in 2008 after yearning for so long to write a book, a desire she kept to herself due to a demanding career and marriage.

Hani Fazuha relied on her experience as an editor during her student years at Universiti Putra Malaysia and also her passion in reading novels of other writers, to author her first novel entitled Mengukir Bahagia Bersama Alaf 21.

It was not long before she came up with her subsequent novels – Berbunga Kasih, published in 2009, Harga Sebuah Cinta (2010) and Hati Kala Cinta in 2011. The good response from readers motivated her to establish a publishing company.


According to Hani Fazuha, initially the company was founded in order to publish her works. “The idea struck after listening to friends who were highly experienced in publications. I saw an opportunity and decided to try my hands,” she told Bernama.

The decision to start her own publishing company, Idea Kreatif Publication in April 2013 prompted her to quit her job in order for her to focus on the company.

Hani Fazuha said besides publishing her own writings, the company also provides a platform for young and upcoming writers to realise their dreams of becoming writers.

This proved to be a good decision. The first novel published by Idea Kreatif in June 2013, ‘Dia Random Guy’ by Farah Hussin received overwhelming response. To date the novel has been reprinted eight times and 20,000 novels were sold.

“This success is a boost for Idea Kreatif’s team and prompted me to publish more quality novels that cater to readers’ needs,” she said. Among the works published by the company are Pergi Tanpa Alasan (2013) and Yang Dia Pilih (2014).

Commenting on the special task force formed to assist her, Hani Fazuha said the team consists of editors, manuscript evaluators and those assigned to look for manuscripts on the internet such as the ones written in blogs.

“Normally the manuscripts are evaluated based on its language, solid plot and readers’ response,” she said.


An interesting fact about the writers at Idea Kreatif Publication is that they are all young and unknown writers prior to their work being published. However, because they hae been given the magic touch by Hani Fazuha and her team, these young authors have managed to magnify their potentials.

As a result they have been able to produce highly interesting and quality manuscripts filled with fresh ideas that go well with the readers.

“Here we open up opportunities and provide a platform for writers looking for a start in writing,” she said. According to Hani Fazuha, her company has published the works of 23 novelists, most of whom are women, including her own writings.

“Some of them have been published before, but not widely known. At Idea Kreatif we help to promote, rebrand and make their works ‘youthful’ that cater to the readers’ needs.

“Some writers have to change and modify their manuscripts several times. A discussion will take place with the writers, where we will give our views on the writing and the guidelines set in order to make their manuscripts more interesting to read,” she said.

As the result of that process some of the new novels have been surprisingly good as if they have been written by highly experienced authors, which found their way to the readers’ hearts.

Some first time writers become immediately famous and gain a huge following even with a single novel.


Though still a relatively new setup, Idea Kreatif Publication has already published 40 novels with about 400,000 novels sold. On the rapid pace of the current creative writing scene, especially novels, Hani Fazuha said that it was really a positive development.

“Now we have many new writers and publishers which means readers now have more choices. To ensure readers choose novels from Idea Kreatif, we have to publish quality works,” she said.

Talking about novel publishing, Hani Fazura said Idea Kreatif is focused on publishing novels of limited edition. This limited edition novels are a combination of a mini novel or short stories from several authors.

Among the limited edition writings that the company has published were Yang Luar Biasa, Kisah Dari Hati, Yang Seperti Dia, Yang Selalu Ada, Yang Seperti Dia, Satukan Hati Kami, Yang Aku Cinta and Yang MenyentuhHati, Kisah Dari Hati.

These novels are sold online which means the novels will only be printed according to the orders they receive.

Idea Kreatif, said Hani Fazuha, would always look for a different way to do things. The plan is every time we publish a new novel, we will organise the launching ceremony outside of Kuala Lumpur such as in Kedah or Johor Baharu. This serves as a promotional activity as well as gives a chance for readers to meet the authors.


According to Hani Fazura, to be a writer, one has to be observant of his/her surroundings. Writing will be easier and smoother when a writer knows inside and out of what he/she is writing about, which ensures readers’ understanding of the whole story.

“In writing a novel, the introduction has to be interesting and must excite the readers which makes them want to know more. Even though the theme is the same in every novel, the way one writes the plot, employing different sentence structures can ensure that the novel is a piece worth reading,” she said.

Hani Fazura believes that the right writing technique can leave an impact on the readers. “The writing method that an author employs is what sets her off from other writers and readers will evaluate her works based on that factor, among others,” she said.

On the challenges of being a writer, Hani Fazuha said a writer has to be open to criticisms. “A writer has to learn to make a positive feedback as a push to move forward and learn to ignore unjustified criticism.


The bold move to establish her own publishing company gets recognition when Hani Fazuha was awarded with the Young Publisher Award at the National Book Award last year.

The award, according to the young publisher, was given based on Idea Kreatif Publication’s amazing achievements. The newly established company has already published 40 novels.

At the ceremony, a novel published by the company Mutiara Hatiku Rafflesia, written by Bill Bora won the Best Novel award and the Best Novel Cover award.

These achievements have certainly sealed a spot for Hani Fazuha in the successful book publishers’ list.


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